The Echo

Create an Unforgettable Virtual Experience for your Attendees.

Bring Your Events Into the Virtual World

Event Farm has partnered with VirBELA to bring a revolutionary, virtual events experience to market. By combining a virtual venue with event engagement technology, The Echo offers a social engagement and communication solution that transforms run-of-the-mill, physical events into unforgettable virtual networking and learning experiences.

The virtual world environment is designed to promote social interaction and collaboration among participants and is scalable to support 10,000+ users concurrently from anywhere in the world.

Why Choose The Echo?

The Echo allows you to conduct an online event that includes the same presenting, learning and networking opportunities as physical events, while also boosting attendee engagement before and during your virtual event. Leverage The Echo to:

  • Offer online registration
  • Promote your event
  • Welcome and check-in attendees
  • Keep everyone connected via an attendee app
  • Send SMS texts and polls
  • Offer keynotes, panel discussions, small breakouts, Q&A sessions, networking and more
End-to-End Support for Your Virtual Event

The Echo includes functionality that’s backed by comprehensive support to ensure a memorable and effective experience for host organizations and participants. Functionality includes:

Presentation Tools

Easy access to a range of presenter tools. Support for:

  • File sharing
  • PPT / PDF / image upload
  • Screen sharing
  • Laser pointers
  • Video casting
Avatar Interaction

Attendees can interact as customizable avatars via:

  • Voice chat
  • Text chat
  • Animations
Multiple Meeting Environments

The Echo offers a range of meeting environments that can accommodate any size group:

  • Board rooms for smaller gatherings & meetings
  • Auditoriums with expandable seating for large events
  • Outdoor environments that encourage casual mingling and networking

Learn How You Can Use The Echo to Host Your Next Event

To learn more about this revolutionary, virtual events solution, schedule a a virtual tour by completing the form below