Open up a new world of event engagement.

A Nike event using Event Farm technology.
Wearable, NFC-powered credentials open up new possibilities for how we engage with technology.
Experiential uses wearable technology to create interactive and innovative event experiences.
Event Farm's experiential tech, EFx, can do a lot. Explore some of our most popular activations:
Roving Photographer
Snap a photo of attendees — custom event filter included — and share it with attendees when they tap their wristbands to your phone.
Content Distribution
Choose content you’d like to share with attendees. It’ll be uploaded to tablets for attendees to view, and it’ll automatically send to attendees who swipe their wristband.
Polling & Data Visualization
Survey attendees with on-site polling stations. Their answers will influence an aggregated data visualization screen in real-time for everyone to see.
Access Control
Smart kiosks control access to event sessions by granting or denying entrance when attendees swipe their wristbands.
Raffle System
Forget lines. With EFx, attendees enter raffles by swiping their NFC credential — and get text message notifications if they’ve won.
A Nike event using Event Farm technology.
Event Farm’s check-in app quickly activates wearable assets and digitally assigns them to individual attendees.

Tie it all together after the event.

Watch how NYWFF used EFx and the Digital Memory Bank to engage attendees during and after the event.
For You
Detailed attendee insight

EFx not only engages attendees — it also captures a detailed layer of attendee insight that otherwise would be missed. Whether you're sharing content or polling attendees, you'll have in-depth understanding of how your audience engaged at your event.

For Attendees
Extend engagement with the Digital Memory Bank

The Digital Memory Bank is a post-event microsite customized for each attendee. Attendees use unique IDs to log into their individualized sites, which is where they’ll find a digital record of how they engaged, alongside any other content or promotions you and your sponsors want to share.

Work with us to make Experiential your own

We’ve worked with some of the most innovative brands—large and small—to adapt EFx to their events and experiences.

Reach out to us to explore how we could work together to do the same.

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