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The simplest check-in experience available, by design.

Easy Mobile Check-In

Welcome to the industry leading mobile event Check-In app. Pricing below is for stand-alone use of the app. The mobile Check-In app is included in all Event Farm attendee management packages.

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Leave Behinds

Events wait for no one, even your plus one. Use our leave behind system and head on inside. Your guest's name will be waiting on the Check-In app when they arrive.



Our platform has passed the security requirements of some of the world's largest financial and legal institutions. Your event data is safe, secure, and won't ever be shared.

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It happens all the time... somehow you end up with the same guest listed over and over. Well, not anymore! When you upload your list in Event Farm, duplicate names will be removed.



The morning after is rough enough. Use our EMAIL REPORT button to send yourself the check-in data immediately after your event and worry about one less thing tomorrow.

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Our pricing to any and all of your events. Find what’s right for you!
One Person
Events Up To 500 Guests
Experience optimized check-in for your events.
Use the Event Farm mobile check-in app on iOS or Android for events with up to 500 guests.
Unlimited Events, Unlimited Guests
Unlimited events means unlimited possibilities, and unlimited use of the Check-In application.

Event Farm will help you take you where you want to go.